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Everything is fair

beat dis 1👇

Boy: Everything is fair in love.

Girl: Par jaanu, tumhara toh kaala hai.

Recruitment consultant

Sorry for this but couldn’t stop laughing…….. Received a call from a recruitment consultant. She said to me: “Sir I have two openings for you…!”

I replied : Yes. I know

There was a long silence and then she said…..


Verginity test

‘Virginity Test’ Kit!

Man 1: I am getting married. How would I know if my wife is a virgin?

Man 2: Get an ‘Irish Virginity Test’ Kit.

Man 1: What’s that?

Man 2: It contains a small can of Red paint, a small can of Blue paint and a Hammer.

Man 1: That sounds crazy! How can virginity be tested with that?

Man 2: Paint your right ball Red and left ball Blue… and as you remove your underwear, if your wife says, ‘that’s the strangest pair of balls I’ve ever seen, hit her on her head with the hammer !!!